About AaronArnez: The Person

A photo of Aaron captured as he revels in a state of perpetual bliss.

Growing up around music has helped to fuel his desire to learn and understand music from singing in various choirs, to learning music theory to taking piano lessons; music is his passion.

AaronArnez enjoys writing songs, lyrics and producing, but he gets the most joy from mixing. His soulful house music mixes can be heard at aaronarnez.com

Even greater then music is the joy he gets   from volunteering to helping people in need and passing out nearly 100 meals to the homeless and hungry every year.



Too many to mention.

The Entertainer

One of the driving factors behind AaronArnez is his goal to contribute to the world of House Music.

AaronArnez joined Muzik Box after being observed by Caleb while he was dancing in the club, Caleb asked Aaron to join Muzik Box as a dancer and before long AaronArnez and Caleb were writing producing their first track together and the rest, as they say, is history.