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Lisa Raquel Artist Biography

About Lisa: The Person

Lisa Raquel’s personality and persona as an entertainer was heavily shaped by the influence of her mother and father who are both vocalists in addition to her father being a trumpet player and songwriter. With that, music has been a part of her life ever since she was brought into the world, and with the encouragement of her parents, she was able to explore her creativity as an artistic mind.

A product of unrestricted predetermined behavioral guidelines.

Lisa Raquel is described as being outspoken, passionate, strong willed, and a person of integrity with a strong moral fortitude. As a business person, she likes to get things done, remains objectively skeptical, and is results driven.

Failure is not an option for Lisa. She always finds a way to accomplish her goals. As you may gather, not only is she a born and raised Texan, but maintains a Texas state of mind.

Lisa, a nurse, is also inspired by Mother Teresa and, if she had the resources, would visit the ravaged & least well off areas of the world with a mission of helping the people.


One of the major notables in Lisa’s life is her being the first of her family to obtain a higher education which isn’t second to her being a mother.

The Entertainer

Lisa wants to blow up so she can satisfy her father’s dream of seeing her become the world renown vocalist she has the talent to be. She’s been honing her talent as a singer since she was in her stroller and, when she was a teenager, began her entrance into the entertainment world as hip hop dancer on the local music scene.

A passionate performer with a burning desire to express herself through her artform, anytime she sees another performer on stage she feels she’s being left out. However, she is humble and always takes care to learn from other players in her space.

As an entertainer she works to be dynamic with her delivery and will not be creatively enslaved by the evils of finding comfort in “one style”. Also worth noting, Lisa is well seasoned by virtue of her appreciation and patronage of other music genres.

Lisa has worked with Caleb, a longtime friend from high school, on and off for many years on a number of projects and have finally come together as team “dead set” on making an explosion.

Buckle your seatbelts.

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