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Caleb Artist Biography

Caleb Huntsberry, the main driving force behind Muzik Box, is a mastermind visionary, keyboardist, musician, and main song writer for Muzik Box related works. He creates the songs prior to handing them off to Muzik Box talent for rendition.

About Caleb: The Person

Caleb was groomed to be a kind, loving person. He describes himself as fierce, fabulous, and kind. Mr. Huntsberry has ambitions of being a trend setter in the music business with music that will remain relevant forever. A few of his goals are to live well, make good friends, and work to make the world a fabulous place to live.


One of the major turning points in his life was the lost of his sister to cancer which added to his inspiration as an artist and a business person. After her death, Caleb felt he needed to be consistent and maintain a sharp focus on making to the top.

The Entertainer

Caleb describes his music as PURE HOUSE MUSIC. As far as doing business is concerned; he prefers to be a kind businessman rather than that of ruthlessness  as is commonly embraced by most in the music industry today.

He’s worked with lots of different artists over the coarse of his career. There’s no intention to leave out their names, but we would run out of space on this webpage if mentioned them all.

Muzik Box, the brainchild of Caleb, was founded a number of years ago which, at the time, only lacked the talents of Lisa Raquel, Aaron Arnez, and Stephen Bogle. With the aforementioned personnel in mind; the Muzik Box package is complete.

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